dumux  2.11
Parameter List

List of currently useable run-time parameters

The listed run-time parameters are in general available, but we point out that a certain model might not be able to use every parameter!

Group Parameter Type Default Value Explanation
- ParameterFile std::string executable.input name of the parameter file
BoundaryLayer Model int 0 0 for none; 1 constant thickness; 2 Blasius laminar; 3 turbulent; 4, 5, 6, 7 viscous sublayer
ConstThickness Scalar - constant BL thickness (BL model 1)
HydraulicDiameter Scalar - hydraulic diameter for BL model 7
Offset Scalar - virtual run-up distance for BL models
RoughnessLength Scalar - Equivalent sand grain roughness [m]
YPlus Scalar - Conversion factor between dimensionless wall distance y^+ and actual wall distance
FreeFlow RefMassfrac Scalar - free stream water vapor mass fraction
RefTemperature Scalar - free stream temperature
RefVelocity Scalar - free stream velocity
Grid File std::string - name of the grid file, if a corresponding GridCreator is used
LowerLeft globalPosition - coordinates of the lower front left corner for the Cube/Simplex/Interface-GridCreator
Cells globalPosition - number of cells in respective coordinate directions for the Cube/SimplexGridCreator
UpperRight globalPosition - coordinates of the upper back right corner for the Cube/Simplex/Interface-GridCreator
Verbosity bool - whether the grid construction should output to standard out
GridAdapt AdaptionInterval int 1 time step interval for adaption
CoarsenPercentileFlux Scalar 0.2 percentile of cells coarsened because of flux criterion
CoarsenPercentileSat Scalar 0.2 percentile of cells coarsened because of saturation criterion
CoarsenThresholdFlux Scalar 0.2 flux threshold for coarsening cells
CoarsenThresholdSat Scalar 0.2 saturation threshold for coarsening cells
CoarsenTolerance Scalar 0.001 tolerance for coarsening
EnableInitializationIndicator bool false switch the use of initial grid adaption on/off
EnableMultiPointFluxApproximation bool true hangingNode: Two-point flux approximation (false) or MPFA (true)
MaxInteractionVolumes int 4 maximum number of interaction regions used
MaxLevel int 1 maximum allowed level
MinLevel int 0 mimimum allowed level
RefineAtDirichletBC bool false switch for refinement at Dirichlet BC's -> not used by all indicators!
RefineAtFluxBC bool false switch for refinement at Neumann BC's -> not used by all indicators!
RefineAtSource bool false switch for refinement at sources -> not used by all indicators!
RefinePercentileFlux Scalar 0.8 percentile of cells refined because of flux criterion
RefinePercentileSat Scalar 0.8 percentile of cells refined because of saturation criterion
RefineThresholdFlux Scalar 0.8 flux threshold for refining cells
RefineThresholdSat Scalar 0.8 saturation threshold for refining cells
RefineTolerance Scalar 0.05 tolerance for refinement
Impet CFLFactor Scalar 1 scalar factor for additional scaling of the time step
DtVariationRestrictionFactor Scalar std::numeric_limits<double>::max()
EnableVolumeIntegral bool true enables volume integral in the pressure equation (volume balance formulation)
ErrorTermFactor Scalar 0.5 scaling factor for the error term
ErrorTermLowerBound Scalar 0.1 (2p), 0.2 (2p2c) lower threshold used for the error term evaluation
ErrorTermUpperBound Scalar 0.9 upper threshold used for the error term evaluation
IterationFlag int 0 0 = no iterations, 1 = iterate IterationNumber iterations, 2 = iterate until converged or IterationNumber is reached
IterationNumber int 2 number of iterations if IMPET iterations are enabled by the IterationFlags
MaximumDefect Scalar 1.00E-005 maximum Defect if IMPET iterations are enabled by the IterationFlags
PorosityThreshold Scalar 1e-6
RelaxationFactor Scalar 1 1 = new solution is new solution, 0 = old solution is new solution
RestrictFluxInTransport int 0 restrict flux if direction reverses after pressure equation
SubCFLFactor Scalar 1 CFL factor for local time-stepping
SwitchNormals bool false
Implicit EnableHints bool false use the already calculated solutions as starting values of the volume variables
EnableJacobianRecycling bool false specify whether the jacobian matrix of the last iteration of a time step should be reused
EnablePartialReassemble bool false specify whether the jacobian matrix should be only reassembled for elements where at least one vertex is above the specified tolerance
EnableSmoothUpwinding bool false use the smooth upwinding method (MPNC only)
MassUpwindWeight Scalar 1 (0.5 for 1p) value of the weight of the upwind direction in the mass conservation equations
MaxTimeStepDivisions int 10
MobilityUpwindWeight Scalar 1 (0.5 for 1p) weight for the upwind mobility in the velocity calculation
NumericDifferenceMethod int 1 which kind of method should be used to numerically calculate the partial derivatives of the residual (1: forward, 0: central, -1: backward)
UseTwoPointFlux bool false indicates whether two-point flux should be used
WithStabilization bool true
LinearSolver GMResRestart int 10 restart parameter for GMRes
MaxIterations double 250 (imp), 500 (dec) maximum number of iterations of solver
PreconditionerIterations int 1 number of preconditioner iterations per solver iteration
PreconditionerRelaxation double 1 relaxation parameter for the preconditioner
ResidualReduction double 1e-6 (imp), 1e-13 (dec) target reduction of the initial residual
Verbosity int 0 specifies the verbosity of the linear solver
MassTransfer Model int 0 0 for none, 1 power law, 2 Schluender model
CharPoreRadius Scalar - parameter for Schluender mass-transfer model
Coefficient Scalar - mass transfer coefficient for S^MTC
MPFA CalcVelocityInTransport bool false enable facewise velocity calculation in the transport step (less efficient!)
EnableComplexLStencil bool true enable use of the two more complex (non-centered) L-shapes (3-d)
EnableSimpleLStencil bool true enable use of the two simpler (centered) L-shapes (3-d)
EnableTPFA bool false enable use of TPFA (3-d) if neighboring cells are of the same grid level
TransmissibilityCriterion int 0 0 = default criterion, 1 = accumulative criterion
TransmissibilityCriterionThreshold Scalar 1e-8 threshold for transmissibility choice
Newton EnableChop bool true chop the Newton update at the beginning of the non-linear solver (MPNC only)
EnableResidualCriterion bool false declare convergence if the initial residual is reduced by the factor ResidualReduction
EnableShiftCriterion bool true declare convergence if the primary variables differ by a maximum of MaxRelativeShift
MaxRelativeShift Scalar 1e-8 tolerance for the shift criterion
MaxSteps int 18 number of maximum iterations for the Newton method
MaxTimeStepDivisions int 10
ResidualReduction Scalar 1e-5 tolerance for the residual criterion
SatisfyResidualAndShiftCriterion bool false declare convergence only if both criteria are met
TargetSteps int 10 number of iterations at which the Newton method should aim at
UseLineSearch bool false specifies whether the update should be done using line search
WriteConvergence bool false specifies whether the convergence rate and the global residual gets written out to disk for every Newton iteration
Pardiso NumProcessors int -
Problem EnableGravity bool true returns whether gravity is considered in the problem
GasDensity Scalar 1.0 The density of the gas (only components/constant.hh)
GasKinematicViscosity Scalar 1.0 The kinematic viscosity of the gas (only components/constant.hh)
InteractingContinuaType int 0 defines interaction of the nested continua (0: constant volume fractions, 1: equally distanced nested continua, 2: DFM generated volume fractions)
LiquidDensity Scalar 1.0 The density of the liquid (only components/constant.hh)
LiquidKinematicViscosity Scalar 1.0 The kinematic viscosity of the liquid (only components/constant.hh)
MolarMass Scalar 1.0 The molar mass (only components/constant.hh)
Name std::string - The name of the current problem, used for output
Salinity Scalar 1e-3
SpatialParams ForchCoeff Scalar 0.55 property for the forchheimer coefficient
Stokes StabilizationAlpha Scalar 0 parameter for the stabilization
StabilizationBeta Scalar 0 parameter for the stabilization at boundaries
TimeManager DtInitial Scalar - initial time step size
MaxTimeStepSize Scalar 1.00E+100 maximum time step size
PrintParameters bool true print used and unused parameters and their values at the end of the simulation
PrintProperties bool false print used properties and their values at the end of the simulation
Restart Scalar false use the restart mechanism
SubTimestepVerbosity int 0
TEnd Scalar - the final time until the simulation should run
Vtk AddAverageMolarMass bool false add average molar mass to output (MPNC only)
AddBoundaryTypes bool false add boundary types to output (MPNC only)
AddDeltaP bool false output of pressure minus a fixed value
AddDensities bool true add densities to output (MPNC only)
AddEnthalpies bool true add enthalpies to output (MPNC only)
AddFugacities bool false add fugacities to output (MPNC only)
AddInternalEnergies bool false add internal energies to output (MPNC only)
AddMassFractions bool false add mass fractions to output (MPNC only)
AddMobilities bool true add mobilities to output (MPNC only)
AddMolarities bool false add molarities to output (MPNC only)
AddMoleFractions bool true add mole fractions to output (MPNC only)
AddPermeability bool false
AddPorosity bool true add porosity to output (MPNC only)
AddPressures bool true add pressures to output (MPNC only)
AddSaturations bool true add saturations to output (MPNC only)
AddTemperatures bool false add temperatures to output (MPNC only)
AddVelocity bool false add velocity to output (2p(ni) and 2p2c(ni) only)
OutputLevel int 0 (2 for 2p2c) Vtk output verbosity (0: only primary variables, >0 more depending on the model)
RockMechanicsSignConvention bool true Compressive stress has positive sign
ZeroEq BBoxMaxSandGrainRoughness Scalar 0.0 Equivalent sand grain roughness of the upper wall [m]
BBoxMinSandGrainRoughness Scalar 0.0 Equivalent sand grain roughness of the lower wall [m]
EddyConductivityModel int 1 The used eddy conductivity model (default = Reynolds analogy)
EddyDiffusivityModel int 1 The used eddy diffusivity model (default = Reynolds analogy)
EddyViscosityModel int 1 The used eddy viscosity model (default = Prandtl)
FlowNormal int 0 Coordinate axis of main velocity entry
TurbulentPrandtlNumber Scalar 1.0 Conversion between eddy viscosity and eddy conductivity
TurbulentSchmidtNumber Scalar 1.0 Conversion between eddy viscosity and eddy diffusivity
WallNormal int 1 Coordinate axis normal to the wall