Dune for Multi-{Phase, Scale, Physics, Component, ...} flow and transport in porous media
ID Summary Category Task Type Severity
326 Migrate Flyspray to gitlab General Feature Request Critical
329 Suspicious calculation in air's gasViscosity Material framwork Bug Report High
328 Use math functions from std:: and allow ADL General DuMuX day Medium
294 Mass conservative grid adaptation for box method Implicit models Feature Request Medium
264 Adaptivity with Parallelization Implicit models Feature Request Medium
330 Handbook refers to user wiki which will be shut down General DuMuX day Low
327 Release 2.10 General Feature Request Low
325 default to AMGBackend? General Feature Request Low
320 Implementation of dispersion in 1p2c not correct for ce... General Bug Report Low
319 [MaterialLaws] Generalize EffToAbsLaw, Regularization Material framwork DuMuX day Low
318 Make base flux variables members private Implicit models Feature Request Low
317 More use of copydoc in material Documentation DuMuX day Low
314 test_adaptive2p2c2d has invalid downcast General Bug Report Low
313 test_adaptive2p2c2d.cc triggers has duplicate condition Decoupled models Bug Report Low
310 Implement interdigitated flow fields for electrochemist... General Feature Request Low
306 Unify and generalize diffusive fluxes General Feature Request Low
301 Solution dependent spatial parameters General Feature Request Low
296 Shallow water model General Feature Request Low
295 Memory leak when destructing grid pointer stokes Bug Report Low
280 Does 2pnc replaces 2p2c General Feature Request Low
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