DuMux modules

Most users looking for DuMux want to use the module dumux, sometimes referred to as dumux-stable. It provides all the methods and physical functions we think are ready for wider use.

License: GPL 2.0+

Download: dumux GitLab, tarball

We have other DuMux modules, which might be of interest, too. You can use them to learn about DuMux, use them for teaching or your research.


The Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems (LH2) offers courses on Master's level in different study programs (Environmental and Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering and Management, Simulation Technology, or Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures), where computer exercises using DuMux are an essential part. dumux-lecture contains all the example applications ordered by LH2 lectures with most of the applications belonging to the lecture of Multiphase Modeling.

Each application has its own folder containing the problem setup and the spatial parameter specification as well as an input file where typically those parameters can be specified that are of educational value for the problem. Explanations for the application are given in separate subfolders to each application, named description. It contains Latex source files that can be used for generating a PDF.

The applications in dumux-lecture are designed for students with no in-depth knowledge of DuMux. However, we are continuously trying to lower the initial threshold for becoming students acquainted to DuMux.

License: GPL 2.0+

Download: dumux-lecture GitLab


Publications using constantly evolving software packages such as DuMux raise the question, how the code can be archived in way that allows to replicate of the results at all times for all interested parties. Ideally, this accessibility should be achieved by as little code as possible.
For DuMux, the dumux-pub module is designed to reach these objectives by a structure of subfolders for each publication, i.e., journal papers, PhD theses, and Master and Bachelor theses. These folders are fully-working DUNE modules containing all relevant files to run the respective applications.

License: GPL 2.0+

Download: dumux-pub GitLab


Current development and ongoing research is done within dumux-devel. It contains experimental features and unpublished code. This module is not publicly available and it's code not yet open source. You might still contact us and ask for personal access.

License: All rights reserved