Publications presenting DuMux

An overview is given in this paper, which we recommend to cite if you are using DuMux:
Flemisch, B., Darcis, M., Erbertseder, K., Faigle, B., Lauser, A., Mosthaf, K., Müthing, S., Nuske, P., Tatomir, A., Wolff, M. and R. Helmig (2011): DuMux: DUNE for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, ...} Flow and Transport in Porous Media. Advances in Water Resources 34(9): 1102-1112.

Thanks to Zenodo, the releases from 2.7 on can be cited. To cite the current one:
Fetzer, T., Becker, B., Flemisch, B., Gläser, D., Heck, K., Koch, T., Schneider, M., Scholz, S. and K. Weishaupt (2017): DuMuX 2.12.0. doi:10.5281/zenodo.1115500.

Articles achieved with the help of DuMux

PhD theses achieved with the help of DuMux